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Courses at QuranLearningHelp

As compared to other online Quran Institute, Our academy provides effective classes and Tajweed( Reading of the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation and accent ) classes at affordable charges to let most of the muslims learn quran at home online. We are offering the following Courses initially

  1. Norani Qaida
  2. Holy Quran Reading
  3. Holy Quran Translation in Urdu ( word by word )
  4. Holy Quran Translation in English ( word by word )
  5. Holy Quran Translation in English & Urdu
  6. Holy Quran Memorization ( Hifz-e-Quran )
  7. Learn Arabic
  8. Tajweed – Course
  9. Online Tuition Of All Subjects from class 1 to 8th ,Matric,F.A,F.Sc,I.Com,ICS,B.A,B.Sc,B.COM,Entry Test,Spoken English and different type of computer Courses.

1) Norani Qaida

The complete Noorani Qaida has been posted for the benefit of all who want to learn quran with tajweed. For the comfort of students, each page has been posted separately so that students can reach to their lessons simply by clicking at the respective page number.

2) Quran Reading

This is very basic course learn Quran reading with tajweed.Spaecially for begginers and kids.

3) Quran Translation

The word to word translation of Quran which gives deep and effective knowledge of Quran. The complete word to word Holy Quran Translation (Urdu, Englsih) has been posted for the benefit of all who want to understand Holy Quran.

4) Holy Quran Memorization ( Hifz-e-Quran )

This course facilitate the Muslims to memorize the Holy Quran at your own time and place, It is one to one session with live tutor, who guide the student for specific lesson every day as Home work.

5) Learning Arabic

There are numerous benefits of learning Arabic as a Muslim, such as understanding the Holy Qur'an, hadith, etc. But there is one that particularly strikes me to be the most beneficial: Learning Arabic reduces the unneccessary ikhtilaf in issues of Islam. We have organized special courses for the Arabic learners for their better understanding, which leads to better memory and learning.

6) Tajweed and Basic Knowledge

Rules of Quran recitation with tarteel and tajweed.Basic and essential knowledge of Islam, Including five pillars of Islam and Kalmas daily Sunnah duas.
We always inform parent about the progress of their children.

7) Online Tuition 

We provide Online Tuition Of All Subjects from class 1 to 8th ,Matric,O/A Levels,F.A,F.Sc,I.Com,ICS,B.A,B.Sc,B.COM,Entry Test,Spoken English and different type of computer Courses.Quran Learning Help, the first online academy of its sort, that brings together the two things your child needs in the modern world, Islamic teachings and the material Sciences, into one carefully monitored, professional educational online environment.

 QLH is an online education system designed specifically for a Muslim child growing up in the rapidly changing technological world of the Twenty first century.The minds behind this system understand the single most important truth of our age: Deen is nothing without the Dunyah, and the Dunyah is nothing without our Deen. A child raised without an understanding of his/her inherited ideology is a child lost, and a lost youth is what eventually makes a lost nation.To help your child understand and implement in their lives Islamic ideology, the integrated learning at QLH is the first step on a long ladder.

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