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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Introduction
We have been an established and popular academy with an excellent track record for the best Client satisfaction. This Project was started keeping the people in view who can’t learn Holy Quran due to lack of resources.
How is the Teaching Staff ?
Our staff is highly qualified and well trained. Our team is selected after detail investigation regarding performance and moral record.All the instructors are proficient in English, Urdu and in some cases Arabic.
How can I Register ?
Fill out the Form to Register yourself ( Register Now ) or Call us.  We will contact you soon via E-mail or phone . Our Email responding department is online for 24 hours a day. They will contact you soon as they will receive your Registration Form . They will also guide you to install the relevant softwares . After you are registered a free trial of 3 classes will be given . It will be up to you to choose our services or not. We will be happy for your free Trial.
What you will need ?
You will require following things for online classes    
- A computer system / laptop.
- A Broadband internet connection DSL/Cable.
- A Microphone and Speakers.
- Conversational softwares. ( We will guide you )
How would online classes take place..?
Classes will be organised on your desired time. Softwares ( Skype and Gotomeeting ) will be used for the conversation. Screen of Tutor will be viewable by the student by which the lessons will be effective and easy. Online Audio chatting will also held during the same task.
Is there discount for multiple students or if I refer someone ?
Please contact us to get a discount for multiple students from the same family or if you refer someone else to QuranTutoring.com. Please e-mail us for details.
How do I pay ?
You will be charged a monthly amount depending on the package that you select. Once the regular classes start you will be sent a Paypal payment link so that you can pay for the subscription. You can pay through Paypal account or by credit card. The subscription can be cancelled anytime.
who is behind us ?
Our-academy is Non-partisan organization, we are not part of any group, Islamic organization or mosques. We welcome all students interested in learning Quran.
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