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There are number of reasons why you would choose or hire Quranlearninghelp.com for online Holy Quran learning, this may start from Free Learn Quran online lessons to tens of thousands of other reasons such as they remain the only Quran tutor service or online Quran academy that is equipped with around one decade experience with their students in around 100-countries, they enjoy their relationship as Learning Quran tutors with worlds most successful company owners, Islamic scholars, religious schools, colleges and even Universities and are helping almost everyone, their Holy Quran teachers are very well aware about Quran Tajweed, Takhasus and Alim and Ameena and may provide you all service under one roof.

There is great reward for the one who gives the learning Quran its three rights. Allah says in the Holy Quran:

Those to whom We have given the Book and they recite it observing the rights of its recitation, it is they who believe in it. And those who disbelieve in it, they are the losers. (2:121)

Therefore, the recitation of the Holy Quran correctly is a pious deed and reward receiving. The Holy prophet (peace be upon him) has described a number of advantages of Learning Quran. Some of them are mentioned here under: -



The best among you is he who learning Quran and or teaches it.


When anyone recites the Holy Quran, he gets ten virtues written down for him against each letter.


The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said the house in which the Holy Quran is read looks as bright as the shining stars to those who live in heavens.


When anybody recites the verses of the Coran standing in Namaz, gets hundred virtues against each letter of the Holy book he recites.


The house, in which the Koran is read, is visited by the angels for blessing and the Satans run away from that place.


In short, the Quran reading and the recitation of the Learning Quran is the great source of worship as well as reward from Allah. But it should also be kept in mind that the reading of the Holy Quran has certain pre-requisites. Though the reading of the Holy Quran is permitted without Tajweed yet there are chances of mistakes too. Therefore it is necessary to learnt to pronounce each and every word of the Quran correctly.

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