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Saying the Azaan holds great benefits and reward as mentioned in the Ahadith.

1) The Prophet of Allah has said, "I went to paradise and saw domes of pearl and its dirt is of musk." He said, "Oh Gabrial, who is this for?" He replied, "This if for your ummah's Muazzin (one who says the Azaan) and Imams." [Rawahu Abu Ya'la Fee Musnad]

2) The one who says Azaan for Sawaab is like that martyred who is drenched in blood and when he will die insects will not come on in his body.
[Rawahut Tabrani]

3) If people knew how much reward there was in Azaan then swords would be used amongst them [to say it]. (Rawahu Ahmad)

4) The duaa between Azaan and Iqamah is not rejected.
[Abu Daood & Tirmizi]

How to say Azaan


5) Stand outside the mosque in a high place facing the qibla with your fingers in the hole of the ears or with hands on your ears, reciting the following words:


6) In the Azaan of Fajr, after  add 

7) During azaan and iqama, turn your face to the right on  and and on  to your left. 

8) Read the folloing duaa after Azaan with durood (Salah) in the beginning and in the end:

Azan Dua

Iqamah (Takbeer):

9) Iqamah is similar to azaan with a little difference. After say 

During Iqama do not put your fingers in your ears and do not not put your hands on your ears, say the iqama with a lower voice compared to the azaan but not so low that the people there can not hear, say the words of Iqamah without pauses like in Azaan.



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