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Difference between men and women salah

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Men Salah Women Salah
In takbeer men raise their hand all way to their ear. While women raise their hand up to their shoulders.
In qayam men place their hand below their novel. While women place their hand on chest
In qayam men grasp their wrist While women do not they just place right hand over left hand with fingers intact each other
In ruku men back is horizontal. While women won’t flatten their back .their back look like a bowing arc.
In sajdah man’s back portion is raised from ground and arms apart from body and finger of feet are twisted. While in sajdah all women body supposed to gather in a way that abdomen placed over her thigh. Both ankle and feet sticking out to right. Lower portion of back touch the ground.
During jalsa and Qaida men set on their left ankle and their right foot fingers are twisted. Women sit on floor and their both ankle and feet sticking out to right side.
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